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PlantFile Pro App an ideal pocket encyclopedia on plants for under $10.00 

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PlantFile Pro

It is an ideal package for a business who wants to keep the clients informed as all reports, plant lists and images can be converted to PDF format for easy e-mailing....All the cd versions are PC only.

myPlantFile Pro

This version includes all the features of the PlantFile Pro, plus authoring capability, which gives you the power to add your own plant pictures and data. .....All the cd versions are PC only.

PlantFile Standard

Home gardeners love the search capability of PlantFile, allowing them to choose just the right plants based on their garden's soil type, aspect...All the cd versions are PC only.

iPlantFile Pro

iPlantFile Pro is a functional, real-time resource for anyone with an interest in plants – from gardening enthusiasts to professional horticulturalists.