PlantFile Online
Just released the new version of PlantFile online offers all of the features of myPlantFile Pro with editing capabilities, selected files, a quiz for students and much more. PlantFile online is contently being upgraded and can be accessed where ever the internet is available. 

 version 14.0 is an easy-to-use database of commonly used ornamental & native plants, including their cultivars. Each plant listing includes 42 categories of information and detailed photos.

PlantFile Professional gives professionals that extra competitive edge with clients. The database contains over 3,640 plant species & 8,500 cultivars. Professionals can create customised proposals, in PDF format for easy emailing.You can select from the photo gallery that contains 16,000+ images.

Students find plant study lists with easy-to-understand information and images. There are comprehensive botanic glossaries, detailed pests & diseases information to make studying a breeze - simply cut & paste your data for class assignments.

Home gardeners love the search capability of PlantFile, allowing them to choose just the right plants based on their garden’s soil type, aspect and desired habit, flower, or water usage. PlantFile Search lets nurseries and local councils create their own customised version of PlantFile based on their stock list or recommended plant list.

PlantFile PRO is an easy to use database tool of 3,640 commonly used ornamental and native plants, together with their cultivars. PlantFile PRO comes with a separate DVD photo-gallery of over 16,000 additional images of habit, flower, bark, fruit or cultivars, linked to the collection in the database.

Key Features include:

  • 42 categories of information on each plant including foliage, flower, fruit, bark, growth habit, water usage and more.
  • Pest & disease information linked to each plant species
  • Up to 5 detailed photos for each plant highlighting leaf, flower, fruit & habit.
  • Quick and advanced searches using botanic or common name or selected criteria such as growth type, water usage, mature height and many more.
  • Creation of unlimited selected plant lists for individual clients that can be archived to hard disk or CD as a back-up.
  • All reports can be turned into PDF format for professional printing and easy emailing to clients.
  • Registered users receive future upgrades for a nominal fee.
  • TALK feature for all species with actual voice pronunciation and phonetic spelling of botanic names.
  • Selected plant lists can be turned into PDF or available as a text file that can be imported into spread-sheets.

  • For further information,
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