Below are two links to a zoom tutorial that was recently carried out with CQUniversity. It is relevant to all institutions that are currently hosting PlantFile Online. 
The first one shows students how to register through the college server in order to access the additional features. This is a free service that is supplied from PlantFile.
The second link is an overview of PlantFile Online showing many of the features.

 Egypt photoshoot 2020
At the beginning of the year the team went on a trip to Egypt to photograph palms and other plants along the River Nile. Below are a few shots that may be of interest.


Hyphaene thebaica (Doum Palm, Gingerbread Palm)

Photographed at Philae


Phoenix dactylifera (Date Palm)

Photographed at Luxor and Karnak


Ficus sycomorus
 (Common Cluster Fig, Mulberry Fig)
Photographed on the Nile bank near Edfu


              The Team at the Valley of the Kings