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Araucaria columnaris

Cook Pine



Araucaria columnaris (G.Forst.) Hook. is naturally found in southern New Caledonia from Ouinne to Prony and the Isle of Pines growing in coast lowlands. It is also grown in Hawaii, the North Island of New Zealand, Australia and from southern California to Mexico. It prefers a deep well-drained fertile moist sandy soil that is tending acidic with a pH range from 6.0 to 7.0 but will tolerate most soil types. It grows in an open sunny position tolerating drought and salt laden winds but is frost tender.


The Cook Pine is a large long lived tree that is grown for its stately habit. It is planted in parks and large gardens as a lawn specimen or used in rainforest settings as an emergent. It is also grown in botanical collections and when young it is used as a container plant for courtyards or under glass in cold regions. It is suitable for coastal regions and has a slow growth rate establishing in 3 to 5 years and is long lived up to 400 years. Once established it has a medium water requirement, (Scale: 2-drops from 3).

I.D. 941

UK hardiness zone H1a 

Climate zones H1, H2, 17, 21 - 24

USDA Zone 10-12


Araucaria (air-ah-KAIR-ee-uh ) columnaris (col-lum-min-ar-is)


"Araucaria", after Araucanos, a South American tribe in whose vicinity another species was first collected;

Personal note; It grows well in Sydney with its mild climate.

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